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Polish Village To Reward The First Couple That Gives Birth To A Son

During the last nine years, not a single male child has been born in Miejsce Odrza?skie. It is a small Polish village located in southern Poland close to the border with the Czech Republic. The Polish village is willing to offer a reward to the first local family that gives birth to a son. The youngest one that still lives in the village is 12 years old.

Couples in Miejsce Odrza?skie, for reasons unknown, rarely have boys. Most of the inhabitants out of about 300 inhabitants are women. Locals claim that it has been this way for as long as they can remember. Mayor Rajmund Frischko while talking about this Polish village, said that after checking the historical records and looking at the registered birth certificates, he could confirm that rare male births in the Polish village are not a recent anomaly. He has further said that he will be rewarding the first couple to give birth to a boy in the Polish village.

Frischko said, ‘We looked into it further, reviewing birth certificates. I think that what the older residents say is confirmed. Girls are constantly born, and the birth of boys is rare. Explaining this puzzle will not be easy.’ Tomasz Golasz who is the head of the volunteer fire brigade that is staffed primarily by women said that he would like to have a son but finds his chances to be quite low concerning the history of the village.

Golasz is a father of two daughters, and said, ‘It has been going on for several decades. I came to the village, took a local girl for my wife, and we had two daughters. I would like to have a son, but it’s probably unrealistic. My neighbor also tried and has two daughters. I don’t think women give birth to boys here.’ The news of the unorthodox sex rate discrepancy in the Polish village has already gone viral and Professor Rafa? P?oski, Head of the Department of Medical Genetics at the Medical University of Warsaw, responded by saying that it is important to look deeper into the historical records to find out the answer.

He also said, ‘Then you should check if the girl’s parents are not related to each other, even to a very distant extent. The next step, conduct an accurate interview with parents and children, check the environmental conditions. Only then can some trail appear.’ Mayor has not revealed the specifics of the reward except that the ‘gift will be attractive.’