This Snorkeling Mask Lets You Breathe Normally Underwater


Snorkeling isn’t a difficult skill to master. You put on a snorkeling mask on your face and wear some fins for moving efficiently through the water. Anybody who has done swimming can easily learn it in a day or two. You can also wear a special pair of snorkeling goggles to observe the wildlife underwater.

EasyBreath Snorkeling Mask How It Works, Breath In, Breath Out Air Flow
The aim of snorkeling is to observe nature for long periods of time without having to breathe a lot in between. But it gets annoying when you have to stick a large hose in your mouth and breathe only through your mouth. It is an unnatural situation, and you eventually get tired of the sensation and restriction. So here we present you with a new design of snorkel that lets you normally breathe with both nostrils and your mouth in a much more comfortable manner.



The Easybreath makes you a pro snorkeler in no time. It frees your mouth and nostril so that you can breathe easily. In case you need to dive inside and have a closer look at the marine world, you can do so with hesitation as a special valve prevents the mask’s air passage to be filled with water. This is a very nifty feature as you can easily dive and take breaths when necessary. Another problem associated with swimming is the fogging of goggles that hamper the general vision of a person. Easybreath takes care of this irritating phenomenon as its efficient air passage releases the exhaled moist breath very efficiently thus avoiding any possible fogging. It is also available in a diverse range of colors to help blend in with the surroundings!

So next time you go off snorkeling, you could use this handy mask. It is worth pearls!

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