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This Snake In Japan Caused A Power Outage For 10,000 Homes

About a week ago, the Japanese people found themselves in serious trouble when they faced an hour-long blackout in the intense heat of the day. As per Japan Today News, a snake reportedly entered the Tohoku electric power station in pursuit of a shelter and unexpectedly lodged with a live wire, which not only caused its own loss of life but also put people in a major inconvenience. Around 10,000 homes in Japan were affected as a result of this safety shutdown that occurred at around 2 pm.

Hot summers are ongoing in Japan; surviving without electricity for even a second seems impossible. But these folks sustained this dilemma for about an hour. It was unbearable for the residents to spend an hour without an air conditioner, but a lot of them felt sorry for the snake who lost his life looking for shelter.

The netizens expressed their condolences on social media, as one of them wrote, “Rest in peace, snake.” Similarly, the other said, “Poor snake! The company should apologize and compensate its family.” Hence, people were adding puns and mnemonics to this incident and enjoyed the case when power was restored after an hour. On the other hand, a lot of people had concerns that the power authorities should develop some rules and regulations to keep all sorts of animals away from their plants so that in the future there would be no such incidents.

It is no doubt that animals interfere in the day-to-day activities of human beings, and they can’t be held accountable for this. The responsibility lies with human beings who have to lay down such policies or procedures that create a bridge between the living parameters of animals and human beings. A lot of you have been aware of this report where “excessive dog pee” in Japan disintegrated the traffic lights in 2021.

One of the practical examples of wildlife infrastructure can be taken from the aviation industry, where “bird strikes” are considered a major phenomenon. The Federal Aviation Administration has already laid down such rules and procedures, which may help pilots if they get stuck in a bird strike during a flight. It is clearly mentioned on their checklists what actions need to be performed when such a situation arises.

So, we must learn to live with animals, as they are not going anywhere else. We need to alter some of our ways of living to keep the interference of animals as little as possible, which would otherwise result in a great disaster.

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