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This Smartphone Shaped Device Is Actually A Handgun

A new handgun produced in the USA is shaped to look like a smartphone. Gun laws in America have been under a very tough scrutiny in the past few years. Many incidents have made it necessary to perform tough checks on the weaponry which is kept in households. However, it seems like all the efforts being made to control guns will soon become in vain as a gun has been produced in America that looks like a smartphone.

The gun is produced by Minnesota-based Ideal Conceal. The firm received nearly 12,000 pre-orders from the customers all over the country. The released of the gun was planned in 2016 but the technical issues delayed the production and the release date was pushed to a later stage. The gun is a derringer i.e. a small handgun which is neither a revolver, not a semi-automatic pistol. The gun folds in itself and takes the shape of a smartphone. When the gun unfolds, its grip opens up which is used to fire two rounds of .380 ammunition. To fire the bullet, the gun is not required to cock up either.

The company is developing a special holster which can be used to carry additional rounds of ammunition. Despite the CEO of the company admitting that there is no much need for the holster, it is still being developed. He said, Most studies show that by the time two shots have been fired somebody’s down or running”. Several activists have raised their voice against the gun since it can easily be misused by individuals which can lead to a greater number of unfortunate incidents.

While referring to the increasing amount of African-American police shooting cases, activists said that the cases of Police Officials targetting the African-American people with a simple smartphone are also expected to rise due to the concealable gun. Regulatory authorities across the ocean have been on high alert since the release of the gun.

A Belgian police representative said, To the eye, nothing can distinguish it from a mobile telephone. Most people possess a smartphone, meaning that it can pass completely overlooked”. The gun looks like an iPhone and is being sold for $500, which is a fraction of price of an iPhone X.

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