This Smart Solar RV Will Make Off-Grid Living More Affordable


Xponent power has developed an auto-retracting Xpanse Solar Awning that can be used whenever needed. The California based company says that it is a breakthrough development.  

The solar panels will move out from the sides of the RV, creating shade for the travellers. The plus will be that while providing shade to travellers, it will also offer on-demand solar energy. Depending on the variant, consumers will harness 800, 1,000, or 1,200 watts of charging power.

These solar panels will allow the RV owners to camp away in the wilderness for days at a stretch, not requiring the electric sockets for their devices and other equipment. The innovative Xpanse awning was created from a 16 x 7-foot (4.9 x 2.1-m) “fabric” of high-efficiency glass-based solar panels. The awning breaks through the stereotype of solar panels by capturing solar energy effectively from both sides. The Xpanse awning is “bifacial” as the engineers who developed it because it collects energy from the sun alright; it also does so from the reflection off the ground and the RV itself.

With a push-button mechanism, it can be deployed in an instance. The panels also automatically retract in windy and stormy conditions to avoid any damage. The panel also features smaller gaps than the conventional panels making it more suitable for use during moderate weather conditions.

The 1,200-watt Xpanse awning is slated at a very affordable price of $9,950. It currently boasts a 24% preorder discount. The 800-watt model will cost $4,990, whereas the 1,000-watt model will cost $6,250. Xponent Power intends to start delivering in the second half of 2022. The video below will provide general info on the Xpanse awning.


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