This Smart Security Camera Levitates To Protect Your Home

With such a wide range of products already on the market, companies now focus on bringing ingenuity to attract more customers. There have already been a number of inventions that defy gravity, including a computer mouse, clocks, turntables, Bluetooth speakers, and light bulbs to name a few. The latest to join the family of these levitating objects is the Moon, a smart security camera that monitors your home.

(Source: 1-Ring)

1-Ring, the brains behind the new smart security camera has equipped the Moon with both sound and motion detectors. If it detects something in your house while you are away, it sends a live feed to your phone and has a two-way communication, allowing you to address whatever is going on in your home.

The company behind the new camera are looking to make it more than just a camera and are pushing it as a central smart hub. It will have the ability to unite all your home appliances with support for an admittedly quite wide variety of home automation standards. The device is compatible with Google Hoem, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung SmartThings. Apart from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the system has the ability to communicate via Z Wave, Zigbee as well as IR Blaster protocols.

The ability to work in a wide range of temperature, humidity and light conditions is equipped with a 5-megapixel camera having three microphones with noise-canceling features, has a night vision feature and can record video up to 1080p. No wires need to be connected to the camera as it charges wirelessly while levitating.

(Source: 1-Ring)

The levitation, apart from looking cool, allows smooth and stabilized image control across a full 360 degrees. The moon is currently selling on Indiegogo at $217. The final retail price is estimated to be $330. This makes it a strong contender in the market, even when compared to the cameras that do not levitate.

Here is a video which shows it in action:

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