This Smart Food Storage Container Will Make Sure You Never Waste Food Again

This smart invention along with Alexa will make managing your fridge easier for you.

Silo is a simple vacuum-sealing Container System that helps keep food fresh for longer periods time. The system is integrated with the Internet-Of-Things infrastructure with built-in Alexa which makes its use so much more convenient.

Silo- A revolutionary Vacuum Container Technology        Source (Kickstarter)

Food goes bad due to the presence of air, so keeping food in a vacuum sealed container is the best way to make food last longer. Silo’s deep vacuum creates a sealed space for food that can only be opened removing the valve, thus slowing bacterial growth and keeping food fresh for longer. With suction from the bottom of the container, Silo is a highly efficient vacuum container without any issues like clogging.

Source (Kickstarter)

On top of this, the technology is also integrated with Alexa and its simple voice interface enables it to notify the owner when the food is about to spoil which prevents food wastage as well as money. Thus Alexa along with Silo manages all your food woes for you.


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