This Smart Coffee Mug Makes Sure Your Coffee Stays At The Ideal Temperature


The ultimate first world problem, ” Why is my coffee always too hot or too cold?” No need to worry anymore, as Ember, the smart coffee mug, is here to rid you of this struggle.

This 12-oz thermos works by using a smart thermometer attached to a digital display outside the mug. As soon as you pour in your coffee, the display shows the temperature at the bottom section of the product. You can then twist the bottom of the mug to set the ideal temperature, and within a few minutes, the mug magically brings your drink to the desirable temperature!

(Credit: Will Shanklin/New Atlas)

Setting the temperature to higher values renders a hotter cup of coffee, while you may also cool it down quickly using the container’s phase-change cooling system. This system is embedded in the stainless-steel interior lining. You can alter the temperature by using a companion smartphone app (available for iOS and Android). It lets you receive a notification when your coffee comes to the target temperature.

(Credit: Will Shanklin/New Atlas)

The mug has a unique pop-in mechanism that opens or closes with a quick press from any side of the lid. The mug also uses a wireless charging stand that can charge your mug while your coffee gets its temperatures adjusted. The battery works for up to two hours before needing a recharge.

Standing at around 8 inches (200 mm) high, it is comparable in size to a conventional thermos flask.  The device is priced at $150, which means it is only for the enthusiasts who complain about its temperature.

(Credit: Will Shanklin/New Atlas)

You can buy Ember at some selected Starbucks stores, or you can also order it online at the company’s website.

Do you plan to buy Ember? Or would you rather wait for the cost-effective version of the mug? Comment below!

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