This Smart Carry-On Luggage Bag Has A Ton Of Features And Is Winning The Internet

Smart Carry-On Luggage – A Kickstarter Success 5

Say hello to the G-RO – a tough and high-tech carry-on luggage that has been created specifically for those who are always on the go and have a need to stay connected all the time. Apart from a power supply to keep the cell phones and laptops charged for a couple of hours, the luggage also comes with an optional electronic module that allows the user to track their unit of G-RO via GPS.Smart Carry-On Luggage – A Kickstarter Success 4

The optional electronic module makes use of an iOS and Android compatible application to track the G-RO via GPS. The tracking works by GPS if the G-RO is far away from you or it makes use of a Bluetooth Low Energy signal that is picked up by owner’s smartphone. Apart from these features, it comes equipped with a 23,000mAh battery. As per manufacturer, this battery is enough to recharge a smartphone 10 times.Smart Carry-On Luggage – A Kickstarter Success 3

The charging station of the luggage is waterproof and features two USB ports for charging your gadgets and a universal outlet that can be used for charging your laptop. The charging station, once opened, becomes a tablet stand allowing the user to use the luggage as a work desk. Apart from these amazing specs, it has been built using high-tech materials thus rendering it impact-proof and waterproof.Smart Carry-On Luggage – A Kickstarter Success 2

It also sports a set of all-terrain wheels and as per manufacturer, apart from being lightweight they are also capable of rolling easier and allow for more interior space. The large diameter of these wheels imparts comfort when moving around and gives the user feeling of suitcase being lighter than it really is.Smart Carry-On Luggage – A Kickstarter Success

The campaign has already raised more than $1 million at Kickstarter with 40 days to go still. You can manage to get one at a price of $279 while the optional electronic module will cost you an extra $99. The shipping has been slated for August 2016, if all goes well.

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