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This Smart Apartment Can Gain A Guest Room By Pushing A Button Thanks To Moving Walls

Those who dwell in small houses or apartments know fully the problem of accommodating a guest. Having a dedicated guest room isn’t feasible at all since it takes up the space required for everyday chores. Despite that, you can’t have guests sleeping on the couch and that is where PKMN Architectures comes in. It gave its clients the best of both worlds via the recently completed Casa Stella project. It has a movable wall that creates a guest room following the push of a button within half a minute.

Casa Stella is the third project in PKMN Architectures’ Little Big House series. It features a novel renovation of an apartment in Madrid owned by Stella, her husband Michael and their children. The family has family members visiting on a regular basis and were thinking of building a new guest room. Since that would have reduced the available living space, PKMN Architectures came up with a different approach of installing a wall that will move out automatically to create an additional small room.

The system has been based on an industrial unit that sports wall hanging down from rails that have been built into a false ceiling. Once activated, the process takes about 30 seconds to complete and converts the 400 sq. ft. living space into a 160 sq. ft. guest room along with a reduced yet workable 240 sq. ft. living space. The access to the guest room is gained via apartment’s terrace.

The guest room has a pull-down bed for guests and can also serve as a home office or playroom for kids. The wall has storage space, pull-down desk and a pull-down dining room table. We must admit that this has been wonderfully engineered!