New Apartment Design Makes Sure That All The Space Is Effectively Utilized


Are you looking for ways to utilize space effectively and bring comfort to your home? You came to the right place since what we have today is the perfect demonstration of how you can make most out of very little that you have with yourself. Apartments in Madrid are a splendid sight and have been designed to bring comfort and practicability to the residents. This particular apartment which we will be talking about is smaller than a typical parking garage, yet it comes with a peculiar feature that utilizes space more efficiently; hidden compartments and trap doors.

This feat of architecture is situated in an attic and comes with a myriad of features. It contains a table, bookcase, hammock, swing and even a disco ball which can be lowered from the ceiling by employing a wall handle. The apartment has transparent panels which allow for creation of different rooms by sliding the panels along rails. This also allows for separating kitchen from living room and also accounts for the creation of guest room when and if needed.

Moving up, the second floor’s trap doors make use of the space which would have otherwise gone to waste; the space between beams and some really ingenious ideas have been implemented over here. The bathroom floor comes with storage space while the bedroom contains a hidden tea room for your close friends. A dressing table has been incorporated by providing mirror on the back of the trap door and the space after opening of trap door is employed as a seat.

The walls have been designed so that they can be pushed around as per requirement of the user while all the furniture has been contained in the walls and is hidden in plain sight. The apartment has been designed by ‘Elii’, a Spanish firm, and as per elii, the architects wanted to come up with an apartment where the environment could be changed constantly. According to the architects; ‘The hidden compartments were the starting point of the project. We tried to make the most of such a small space: a space that can be many spaces at the same time–just like a stage. Every house, in its way, is a theatre where you perform your everyday life. In this case, the apartment was designed for somebody who was starting a new life. In this domestic stage, she will be able to test and try it out.’

What follows are a number of pictures of this apartment and how it conceals so many stuff within.

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