This Smart Adjustable Desk Redefines Working At The Table

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Height adjusting desks prove beneficial for your health. But, you only know that a particular pose is not right for you when the cramps start to appear, and you are left in discomfort for the next few days. Keeping in mind these problems, the Autonomous Desk was made. It can be used for sitting, standing modes, and it automatically adjusts to new positions based on its smart approach and your voice commands. It can also help to organize and manage your day-to-day tasks.

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The Autonomous desk has the best functionality¬†available in its genre. It can recognize and execute voice commands based on its state-of-the-art voice recognition system. The table has a vastly improved ergonomics indentation for placing your arms. The dimensions are 53×30 inches base, and the length is customizable from 24.5 to to 47 inches. The table comes with a wireless charging pad, a USB charging slot and a bag holding assortment.

autonomous desk

The table prepares itself for standing position preferred by the user at the start of the day to promote a healthy start to the day. If you want to sit, you can voice command “sit”, and it will automatically adjust the height to your preferred sitting height. It keeps track of your extended position at one pose and reminds you to change it every once in a while. Following the trackers located at the wrists of the user, it can help you keep track of your distance covered and other workout stats. If one is lagging behind the schedule, it will suggest him to stand up, and if he has done enough exercise, it will suggest him to sit down.

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The table can read out the e-mails and messages that you have received. You can make appointments, book a table at your favorite restaurant and play your favorite music from the awesome speakers. The desk is based on an Android platform and comes up with apps that can be modified. One can even make an app for himself and run it on the table.

The table is being offered at an early pledge of 399 $, and it will be shipped by the end of July. With nine days to go, it has already tripled its minimum funding requirement at Kickstarter. So, book now if you want this smart table.

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