This Small Race Car Has An Actual Working V16 Engine Inside

v16 engine

There are some really amazing remote control cars but this one beats them all. As a tribute to 1930s Grand Prix car, this car is fitted with a running V16 engine. It is built with a 1:3 scale model of 1936 Auto Union Type C. This is also using a V16 engine in it. Unlike a real car which uses 6.0 litres, this miniature version makes its run with only 216-CCs. However, this doesn’t stop it from roaring.

The builders at the V16 factory fitted the motor with water cooling, an electric starter, a central overhead camshaft which has two valves on each cylinder. The body is also equipped with completely independent suspension and hydraulic drum brakes. Have a look at its video and be amazed at the power of a small engine.


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