This Small Electric Helicopter Comes With 7 Tail Rotors – This Is Why

What’s better than 1 tail rotor? 7 electrical ones.

An inventor by the name of OskarRDA on Youtube built and demonstrated an all-electric helicopter. But what was more interesting about the chopper aside from its electrical engine, was the use of seven tail rotors inside of a traditional rotor found on a helicopter.

In the video, OskarRDA showcased the helicopter’s electric tail rotors practically by flying it in the air. The helicopter did have a traditional drive-shaft rotor which he replaced for the seven electric ones. According to TechEBlog, all the seven rotors are powered individually by electric motors. While the helicopter only needs four 5008 or 5010 size motors with 18-inch props for proper functioning, the extra three rotors help to make flying safer in case there is any need to autorotate during engine failure.

The helicopter is an ultra-light Mosquito Air kit fitted with two-stroke engine that OskarRDA converted into an electric one using an EMRAX 228 109 kW brushless motor. Coming to the battery capacity of the helicopter, it is 7.8kWh which means it can easily hover in the air with 21kW energy for about 22 minutes. When the helicopter is flying at a speed of 12.4mph, it only requires 17kW so the battery can last for about 27 minutes, perfect for going on a short trip across town!

OskarRDA’s video demonstrates the smooth flight of the electric helicopter; going back and forth and up and down and wants one to take it out on a test drive themselves! It’s interesting to see creators share their DIY projects so other people get an inspiration to make something similar themselves and share it with the world. As they say, everything begins with an idea!

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