This Slow Motion Video Shows How A Lawn Mower Cuts Grass

Keeping the lawn nice and neat is a weekly task for many people in summers. Many other cutting tools like scissors have a different method of cutting while lawnmower works a little differently. It doesn’t have opposing blades but has a rotating blade inside a metal housing. The host of youtube channel, Smarter Every Day, was intrigued by the mechanism that was involved in cutting grass. He has a super fast camera using which he solved the mystery.

lawnmower works

The first part of the mystery was solved by a visit to the local barber shop who pointed out that an ordinary lawnmower sucks air up into the mower body which causes the grass to stand verticle. This allows the blade to slice the grass evenly at the bottom. A vacuum hair clipper also performs the same task. It sucks the hair in before it is cut so that a very precise cut can be made. The grass is lifted by the tab on the back of the mower blade which causes airlift and raises the grass up. In the video of the lawn mower in action with a super fast camera, you can see the blades of the grass rising up before they are being cut.

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