This Skyscraper In Singapore Has Created A Lush Green Oasis In The Sky

CapitaSpring is an eye-catching new skyscraper in Singapore with 280 m of height! It has been designed by high-profile firms Bjarke Ingels Group and Carlo Ratti Associati. The tower is defined by an aluminum facade that has multiple openings which unveil the lush greenery growing inside.

It was developed by CapitaLand, which is the firm that also developed the awe-inspiring “horizontal skyscraper” in China. It comprises 51 floors. Most of the floors are taken up by offices or serviced residences, with some retail and restaurants on the lower floors too. However, a significant area is dedicated to greenery, including a so-called “Green Oasis” walkway open to the public that’s filled with plants. It also provides various exercise opportunities for visitors. Furthermore, the skyscraper has a rooftop farm and Singapore’s highest public observation point.

CapitaSpring is topped by Singapore's highest public observation point

“Nestled between CapitaSpring’s office and serviced residence components, at 100 m [328 ft] above ground, is the Green Oasis,” says CapitaLand. “The expansive spiraling botanical promenade from levels 17 to 20 spans a total height of 35 m [114 ft], equivalent to 10 stories of a typical apartment tower. Besides being home to over 38,000 plants, the Green Oasis offers a variety of work-live-play amenities such as an amphitheater, a yoga alcove, jungle gyms, ideation nests, work pods, and a cafĂ©.”

“The development’s rich biodiversity comprises more than 80,000 plants from over 130 different species, with more than 60 percent being native plants,” the company added. “These plants have been carefully selected for their ability to flourish in Singapore’s tropical weather and humidity conditions and thrive at high levels.”

CapitaSpring includes a hotel

In addition, there are several seating areas with power points installed for staff to get work done away from the office. Natural ventilation has been maximized to ensure a comfortable temperature inside. Cool air is also recycled from air-conditioned office spaces and water from the building’s air-conditioners is utilized for non-drinking use.

The building also has facial recognition systems, a 5G mobile internet connection, high-speed elevators that can recover some energy during use, and cleaning robots. There are four electric vehicle parking lots, two of which are equipped with direct 50-kW fast chargers.

CapitaSpring joins a large number of greenery-covered buildings throughout Singapore, including the Oasia Hotel Downtown and Heatherwick Studio’s Eden.

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