This Shop In Japan Charges You 80 Cents To Destroy Your Hard Drive – And All Your Secrets

The privacy of data becomes a pressing concern when users decide to change or dispose of their electronic gadgets, as they may contain sensitive information that needs to be eliminated. To cater to this problem, a Japanese shop, “Dark Past Final Disposal Site” based in Akihabara, has initiated a service where it excels in destroying the user’s crucial data stored in digital format on their hard drives.

The idea came back in 2020 when it was observed that a growing number of concerns were raised about the safety of personal data by the owners of personal computers. When users exchange or dispose of their PCs, their data becomes vulnerable to external threats and theft. With this in mind, this Japanese-based shop has come up with a “professional hard drive destroying machine” in which people put their hard drives containing sensitive information, and the machine then breaks these hard drives into small pieces through crushing.

Not to mention that this whole process is economical, meaning that the customers can get the service done for just $0.80 or 100 yen. The owners of the shop say that their main focus is to provide the best service for which the machine has been bought, not to run a business through this. In his opinion, the service is related to a very sensitive task, and it is compulsory for us to provide the best quality in terms of data privacy, so we can’t think of making money through this.

The owner of this shop told IT media, “The idea isn’t to make a profit, but rather to reassure people of the quality of service.” Coming towards the specifics of this wondrous machine, it uses a special “Nitto Zoki DB-60PRO professional hard drive destroyer” that has hydraulically-powered steel rods that are as sharp as a razor and can squeeze and smash your hard drive in a matter of seconds.

You just have to take your hard drive to that shop and wait for the moment when it becomes ineffective. However, some people try to crush their hard drives in their own homes with sharp knives or through drill machines, but this has the potential hazard of causing harm or injury. On the other hand, making it done via professional means can induce a sense of responsibility and fulfillment among people that their data has now safely been abolished without any hazard.

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