This ‘Ship’ Can Fly At Speeds Exceeding 120mph While Carrying 12 Passengers

A new revolutionary marine vehicle with a design that would make travel better, luxurious and cost-efficient. Aqua is all these things, jam-packed in a craft that is versatile and superfast.

This new marine vessel is classified as a wing-in-ground marine craft bound to catch everyone’s eye. At a glance, the vehicle might look like an aeroplane as it uses the ground effect to hover above the waterline. However, it can’t achieve free flight like a plane; therefore it is called a marine vessel, explains RDC Aqualines.

The wing-inground marine vessel, formerly known as Aqua, has various noteworthy features to talk about. The ground-effect vehicle (GEV) is tiny at 22.5 meters (74 feet) long. It has the potential of carrying up to 12 passengers with cargo and two pilots. The vessel is ideal for short-distance rides.

According to autoevelotion, the vessel soars at a maximum speed of 200 kph (125 mph). Cruising speed would be 180 kph (112 mph), while take-off will take place at 110 kph (68 mph). Notably, Aqua is fully electric and hydrogen hybrid, making it an eco-friendly option.

According to the RDC aqualines, the company plans to bring this tiny yet impressive product to the market. Aqua can be efficiently used for marine search and rescue operations.  

Aqua’s motto is: “Rapid marine transport. Faster than a ship, smoother than a plane.” Quite impressive! The ship is powered by a 600 hp engine, giving it a maximum range of 600 km (373 miles) at full load.

“We develop advanced ground effect vehicle designs for water transportation that can revolutionize the marine passenger market. We are at the edge of aviation and shipbuilding industries as we are building a flying ship,” said the company, according to DesignBoom.  

In addition, the company also stated that the vessel would be available in the market by 2024.

By the extraordinary images of the plane, one could imagine its interior being quite expensive-looking and comfy for passengers when it is not loaded with cargo. However, the vessel is perfectly designed to do the best of both worlds. Aqua is most definitely the kind of GEV vessel everyone will be keeping an eye out for.

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