This Saudi Woman has Built The World’s First 3D-Printed Mosque – And Beaten Dubai To It

Wajnat Abdulwaheed is a visionary businessman from Saudi Arabia who made history by completing the world’s first 3D-printed mosque, a special tribute to her late husband. Abdulaziz Abdullah Al Shabatli Mosque, located in the Al-Jawhara suburb of Jeddah, is a testament to his determination and innovative spirit.

Abdel Wahid’s achievement is particularly significant because it goes beyond Dubai’s plans to build a 3D mosque (a printed mosque) by 2025. This construction technology allows rapid assembly using special design instead of using traditional concrete and has received international approval. More importantly, entire communities in the United States are now being built using 3D printing technology, demonstrating the expansion of construction industry technology.

As Dubai aspires to become the 3D printing capital of the world, this success shows Saudi Arabia’s determination to use new technologies. The mosque project is supported by the National Housing Corporation and is in line with the country’s security and technology-focused vision. The collaboration between government institutions, business and technology companies demonstrates a joint effort to position Saudi Arabia as the center of technological development.

Spreading an area of ??60,000 square meters, the design of this mosque has been carefully crafted to enhance the spiritual experience of believers. The circle forms the mosque of the Kaaba, maintaining its connection with Mecca, while also providing sufficient space for worshipers during Friday and tarawih prayers.

Abdul Wahid emphasized the importance of preserving the essence of the mosque while incorporating modern architectural elements. The exterior of the mosque, including the entrance, gate and minaret, reflects the Hejaz architectural heritage while incorporating modern features.

Combining tradition and innovation, Abdul Wahid’s achievement set a new standard for mosque architecture and demonstrated Saudi Arabia’s commitment to promoting technology while preserving its cultural heritage. His vision and passion inspire future projects and shape the landscape of modern architecture in the region.

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