This Saudi Firm Just Installed Central Asia’s Largest Wind Turbine

As the world shifts its focus towards sustainable energy sources, Saudi Arabia’s companies are stepping up their efforts to drive the transition towards green power in various regions. In a notable move, ACWA Power, the country’s leading clean energy firm, has recently erected one of Central Asia’s largest wind turbines in the Bukhara region of Uzbekistan. This milestone installation is part of ACWA Power’s ambitious 500MW Bash wind farm project, a significant step towards sustainable energy generation.

Manufactured by the Chinese company Envision, the wind turbine generator (WTG) boasts an impressive capacity of 6.5 MW. The project’s execution was entrusted to the China Energy Engineering Corporation, a renowned engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor. Though dwarfed by the world’s largest wind turbine, which recently commenced operations off China’s east coast with a remarkable capacity of 16 MW, ACWA Power’s venture is a pivotal advancement for Uzbekistan’s renewable energy aspirations.

The Bash wind farm’s ultimate vision encompasses the deployment of 79 WTGs, collectively projected to yield over 1,650 gigawatt-hours of electricity each year. Such a substantial contribution to the energy grid will significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions by an estimated 750 tons annually. With a targeted completion date set for the first quarter of 2025, the project aligns seamlessly with Uzbekistan’s long-term goals of augmenting its renewable energy share.

ACWA Power’s commitment to a sustainable energy landscape is further emphasized by the 25-year power purchase agreement it has struck with JSC National Electric Grid of Uzbekistan for the Bash wind farm project. The company’s robust presence in Uzbekistan is substantiated by a portfolio encompassing ten power projects, collectively amounting to an impressive $7.5 billion investment.

In addition to its clean energy endeavors, ACWA Power stands as one of the globe’s largest private water desalination entities. Its substantial capacities underscore its role in mitigating water scarcity challenges across various regions. With operations spanning four countries and sixteen desalination plants, the company is a cornerstone of sustainable development.

In line with its commitment to fostering sustainable projects beyond its borders, ACWA Power recently solidified an agreement in July to establish a sprawling wind farm in Egypt. This monumental initiative aims to power a staggering 11 million households, covering an expansive 1,158 square miles (3,000 square kilometers) of land.

The installation of Central Asia’s largest wind turbine serves as a testament to Saudi firms’ dedication to a greener future. Through such projects, these companies are paving the way for a more sustainable, renewable-powered world.

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