This Russian Electric Car Prototype Is Becoming The Laughing Stock Of The Internet

Car enthusiasts often anticipate prototype releases, expecting innovative designs that reflect a car brand’s futuristic vision. These prototypes, although not always indicative of the final product, serve as intriguing glimpses into the automotive future. However, the recent unveiling of Russia’s Amber Yantar electric vehicle prototype has stirred quite a different reaction, earning the dubious distinction of being labeled the world’s ugliest car.

The Amber Yantar, an electric vehicle prototype created by Avtotor in collaboration with the Moscow Polytechnic Institute, recently debuted to the public, sparking widespread mockery for its peculiar and unattractive design. While car prototypes typically generate excitement, this Russian creation quickly became an internet sensation for all the wrong reasons.

Avtotor, expressing grand plans for the Yantar, announced intentions to produce up to 50,000 units by 2025 at its Kaliningrad plant. They emphasized that all major components, including the electric motor, inverter, control boards, and batteries, would be domestically designed and manufactured. However, skepticism arises given past instances where Russian car manufacturers, despite initial claims, ultimately relied on Chinese components.

Despite limited technical details, it’s revealed that the Amber Yantar will boast affordability and a 25kW/h battery. Notably, the car’s batteries can be rented rather than purchased, offering a unique approach to ownership. However, technical specifications take a backseat to the primary talking point—the vehicle’s eccentric and widely criticized design.

The internet has been flooded with memes and jokes mocking the Yantar’s uninspired aesthetics, with some boldly proclaiming it as the ugliest car ever. Avtotor attempts damage control, asserting that the revealed prototype is a mere ‘test mule,’ and the production model will feature a completely different design. This raises questions about the decision to showcase an unappealing prototype in the first place, leaving observers to ponder the disconnect between design intention and public reception.

In the world of automotive innovation, the Amber Yantar stands out not for its promising features but for the controversy surrounding its unconventional design, making it a topic of discussion that transcends traditional technical considerations.

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