This Russian Developer Has Converted A Boeing 737 Into A Luxury Villa

On the Indonesian island of Bali, Russian developer Felix Demin transformed a Boeing 737 into an amazing home perched on a cliff. One of the most exquisitely adapted aircraft in the world, the Private Jet Villa by Hanging Gardens is perched 150 meters above sea level and provides unmatched views of the famous Bali coastline.

Three years into the project’s development, there were a number of logistical obstacles to overcome, including getting the plane to its precarious location and completing the retrofit. But Demin remained unfazed, and the home now serves as a reminder of his fortitude and vision.

When Demin bought the Boeing 737 from an Indonesian investor, it was already on Bali Island and had been a part of the now-defunct Mandala Airlines fleet. It wasn’t an easy task, nevertheless, to relocate the airplane to its present location. After two months of planning and consultation with Boeing, the airplane would be disassembled and transported in sections on Bali’s small roadways.

“We had to take it apart after consulting with the Boeing team, we loosened 50,000 bolts,” Demin explained. “We had a group of people who used special equipment to raise the wires higher so that the plane would not touch them during transportation.”

The conversion of the jet into a villa was also a challenge, with some of Demin’s plans proving too bold for most contractors. However, he persisted, and the result is a stunning two-bedroom villa with a stylish bathroom in the cockpit and a terrace on one of the wings, surrounded by an invisible glass barrier.

Safety was a top priority during the conversion process, and the aircraft has undergone numerous safety checks to ensure it meets regulations. A barrier has also been installed on the rock supporting the villa to enhance safety.

Since its opening in April 2023, the Private Jet Villa by Hanging Gardens has provided visitors with an incredibly singular experience. For those who can afford it, the stay is lavish but unforgettable, with prices starting at $1,600 per night.

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