This Russian Anti-Aircraft Gun From The 1940s Has Reportedly Been Deployed In Ukraine

The Centre for Strategic Communications of the Armed Forces (StratCom) of Ukraine has posted a message on Telegram about the update on the war front. It stated that the historic S-60 has been sent to the frontline as a part of “normal” Russian military equipment.

“Another batch of prehistoric crap that the Russians are sending to the front. These are S-60 anti-aircraft guns developed in the 1940s,” Ukrainian StratCom wrote.

S-60 was built right after World War II. The machined is an automatic towed single-barrel anti-aircraft gun. The prototype model of this gun passed the field tests in 1946 and it started service with the Soviet armed forces in 1950.

The machine has witnessed numerous wars to date. From the technical perspective, S-60 was massively based on German 50mm Flak 41 guns and possibly the prototype Gerät 58 guns captured during World War II.

Flak 41 was used as a base platform by the soviets even though this anti-aircraft gun was one of the least successful models in the German army because of its huge recoil and slow turning (traverse) speed.

When guided by radar, S-60 can reach a firing range of 6,000 m (20,000 ft). It shoots projectiles at a velocity of 1,000 m/s (3,281 ft/s).

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