This Robotic Table Can Move Things Across Its Surface

Magical Robotic Table

With the growing technology and getting used to having things done without leaving home or even leaving the bed, people tend to become lazier. Meanwhile, technologies are tending to become more and more advanced. A new breakthrough came in the Robotics industry when a company showed their robotic table which can move and pass you things placed on the other end of the table.

TheĀ International Robot Exhibition was held in Tokyo, Japan last week. Several companies demonstrated their cutting-edge robots to perform different sort of tasks. One robot that really got everyone’s attention was this magical robotic table, revolving soccer balls around. It can easily pass a ball from one corner to other and even if you don’t use it to pass you the objects, you can just sit and watch it passing the balls as a leisure activity.

The Robotic Table was built by a company called Intelligent Actuator. This table is almost similar to the interactive pin table created by MIT’s Tangible Media Group that can also move and pass the objects. This is an exciting development for those who don’t like to move while lazying around on their couch to get the remote from the table. The remote will come to them on its own.

So will you buy one if it ever becomes a commercial product? Let us know in the comments section.


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