This Robotic Printer Can Write And Draw Anything On Sand

If your crush is a fan of getting romantic messages written on the sand, then you have found yourself a perfect machine for it now. Ivan Miranda, the inventor, has created a robotic sand drawing printer that can write custom messages and can also draw for you. The machine carves line after line in the sand to create words which are written very clearly on the flat wet sand of the beach.
robotic printer that writes on sand
The video is indeed a delight to watch. The inventor is also very thrilled with the success of his invention. Miranda creates a new project every week and creates videos on a wide range of topics and projects, which range from digital fabrication, 3D printing, electronics,  woodworking, instrument making, metalworking, sports and anything else as well.

The inventor says that he hopes to inspire others to get out and make interesting things. If you go through his catalog, you can see the development stages of the sand printer and a bunch of other really cool videos. He falls into the category of How-To creators on YouTube who show how you can make almost make anything. These videos can also serve as a inspiration for those who want to create something amazing using their creativity.

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