This Robot With A Brain Can Learn New Things Just Like A Human Child


RESEARCHERS from the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies of the National Research Council (CNR-Istc) are close to creating a near-perfect AI (artificially intelligent) robot. The robot will have its own ‘brain’, which means that it can perceive and learn nearly like a human child.

This amazing machine is being worked on by the Italian researchers who hope to successfully replicate the human learning experience, going from a blank database to being a very complex creature by assimilating information from its surroundings.

Pic Credits: express
Pic Credits: express

The project is being led by Gianluca Baldassarre, who is the head of Goal Robots in Italy and hopes to create the first learnable robot within four years. He commented on the project,

“The goal is to make robots that are able to learn independently, experimenting and making experiences exactly like young children, between one and two years old, and then apply their new acquired skills.”

If they are successful, this would be the first robot to possess the ability to learn on their own, a trait called qualitative leap. Baldassarre commented that the project is a result of constant inquisitiveness and desire to invent.

Pic Credits: express
Pic Credits: express

Mr Baldassarre added:

“In this way when they find something surprising, they focus on the findings and try to do it again, just as children do, for example, when they discover the switch for turning on the light. We do not give them the goals from outside, they have to choose them themselves.”

Global Robots are working in collaboration with other European researcher centres, and hope to have their concept materialised by 2020.

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