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This Robot Sweeps Your Lego Bricks From The Floor


We are all painfully aware of getting stabbed by a lego brick while walking barefoot in our homes. That one odd piece of lego that we missed while cleaning up comes back to poke you in the sole of your feet. You no longer have to worry about that and can walk barefoot without fear thanks to the robovac.

The vacuum itself is made up of Lego bricks and relies on a conveyer belt sweeper system to sweep lego off the floor onto a platform. It can handle all the lego pieces and has a special robotic arm to handle bigger pieces like tires. Even though it is not autonomous, it is fun in itself to drive the robovac around to clean up lego bricks off the floor and you won’t have to scream at your kids to do it.

You can watch it in the video below:

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