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This Environment Friendly Battery By MIT Sucks Carbon Dioxide From The Atmosphere

Who knew batteries could be environment-friendly?!
The battery literally “sucks” CO2 from within power plants!
Researchers at MIT have developed a  battery that could be made, in part, from carbon dioxide. The battery is designed to continuously convert CO2 into a carbonate (a solid) as it discharges.
The battery could thus suck up CO2 in power plants, thus help reducing carbon dioxide, which is a major greenhouse,in the air.
The battery is made from  Lithium, carbon and a specially designed electrolyte.The battery system directly soaks up CO2 from inside power plants and converts the waste steam into a CO2 concentrated electrolyte.
Lithium-carbon-dioxide batteries typically require metal catalysts which are not only expensive but also require a careful control as the reaction can become too violent,thus the researchers on this project worked out a way to achieve the CO2 conversion without a catalyst by using carbon-dioxide in a liquid state, incorporating it into an amine solution.
The research is still in its preliminary stage and still has a long way to go for commercial deployment. The battery system is currently capped at 10 charge-discharge cycles- which restricts lithium-carbon batteries for any commercial purpose right now.
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