This Robot Swarm Gets Smarter The More It Works


Are you ready for autonomous robots that learn the more they work? I sure am not. This might be the beginning of the end. The start of SkyNet. A robotics company called Geek+ just said that it has developed a swarm of autonomous worker robots that can learn and improve the more they work.

The concept is cool though. Thousands of these worker bots are working right now in a warehouse in Hong Kong. As they work, these robots start getting smarter and find better ways to do their jobs. They’re guided by QR codes on the floor but overtime using AI, these robots are able to make their own decisions, including what direction to travel and what route to take to their destination

The robots’ jobs include whizzing around the floor, carrying groceries from one place to another, and other supplies as well. A team constantly monitors them, tracking their movements and using the data gathered to improve the AI algorithms that run these bots. Robots have become common use in China now so companies like Geek+ that supply worker robots are highly sought after.

Improving these robots serve to help the company meet the demands of their clients that include faster delivery, reduce labor, and fewer human errors. According to Managing Director Lit Fung, “Everyone is looking for an automation solution to apply to their warehouse”.

He further explained that “So we have the ability to make the decision by the robot itself to make the judgment of the direction, moving forward and backward, finding [the] best route for the destination”. It’s good that these robots are being trained for something constructive like logistics instead of something in regard to the military.

Swarms of self-learning robots on the battlefield could tip the scales in the favor of whichever country employs them. There is a high chance of misuse when it comes to robots and only time will tell if we are heading in the right direction or not.

I guess it’s time to watch Terminator 2 again.


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