This Robot ‘Gynecologist’ Will Soon Operate On You


According to a report, Elmhurst Hospital in New York now has a robotic surgeon on their team. Elmhurst will become the first public hospital to use a robot for “non-invasive gynaecological procedures.” The robot has been named da Vinci, and it enables the doctors to make tiny and precise incisions in the surgeries using “robotic extensions” and by providing a high-definition 3-D view of the surgery proceedings. Doctor manipulates the robot distantly and control it using hand and foot controls attached to the robotic arms.

Pic Credits: wikimedia
Pic Credits: wikimedia

The advent of da Vinci will now make robotic surgery much less invasive and easier on the patient. Dr Barry Brown, Elmhurst’s Director of OB/GYN Services, said in a statement,

“Robotic surgery has several important benefits, including faster recovery times and less blood loss. Women who in the past would have been hospitalized for a week are now able to go home in a day.”

The hospital, for now, will be using da Vinci to operate benign and cancerous uterine tumours as well as problems with the pelvis.

Here is a video of surgeons using the robot to perform a surgery.

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