This Brick Laying Robot Can Stack Bricks at Impossible Angles

Robot stacking bricks4

Bricks are hardly used for intricate geometries as they are known for their strength more than their ability to be part of complex patterns. But this robot made by a Swiss Architectural firm can stack them in a zig-zag helical pattern that almost seem to be defying the primary gravitational pull of the Earth.

Robot stacking bricks5

The Swiss firm Gramazio Kohler used the robot for a good effect. It appears that the bricks have been stacked without any adhesive right next to the big building itself. Besides the technique of the robot, the special nature of the blocks also helped in achieving the impossible shape. The makers have incorporated a honey-comb like structure in the middle of these bricks to make them light-weight (Just like aerospace materials). Due to reduced weight, the bricks can be balanced on top of each other much more easily with the help of adhesive joints.

Robot stacking bricks

Robot stacking bricks3

The innovative concept as explained before was heavily aided by the construction robot named ROBMade. It can position and glue the bricks into these insane geometries. They would have been nearly impossible to achieve without the precise aid of the robot. This isn’t the first automated construction help that Gramazio Kohler has had from robots. It has been using them for years in the construction business where their use has seen a significant increase in recent years. The floors of buildings are being converted into building blocks, and prefabricated skyscrapers have also become a reality. Now the bricks and other building blocks can be arranged in different styles for the architectural pleasure of onlookers. See these videos to get a good grasp of further designs with the help of different materials.

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