This Road Printer Makes Paved Roads Like Laying A Carpet

RP S6 road printer2

Laying down asphalt and Bitumen roads are easy as we can lay down the material and then make them smooth with the help of rollers. But, road paving with the help of blocks has never been easy as it requires manual handling and fine work. The paving materials have improved over the years but little or no progress has been done in laying them down so it is by largely done by hand, making it slow and ineffective to say the least. But, the RP S6 Road printer strives to revolutionize the dull process by using a simple mechanism. As you can see, it can cover a lot of paved area in one swift operation instead of having to employ hundreds of laborers.
RP S6 road printer3

RP S6 road printer

RP S6 road printer2

The machine uses nifty techniques to get bricks or blocks into place. Gravity is utilized to pull the arranged bricks from top to bottom that workers continuously pile on top of the machine. It also puts a lesser strain on the workers’ backs as the operation doesn’t require bending over the paved areas for hours trying to keep each individual brick in shape. The machine can also adapt according to the width of the road. If the pavement is a sidewalk, the machine can adjust to make a one-meter broad paved section. The maximum width is six meters and more than five hundred meters of roads can be paved within a day. The machine can also use a variety of stones, concrete bricks and blocks. I hope there is a brick-laying machine in the pipeline as well!

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