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This Road In California Mysteriously Rose up And Cracked Into Pieces. Can You Explain?

You may just get to see a scene like the end-of-the-world movies keep bullshitting us every couple of years in real life for once. This section of Vasquez Canyon Road, California went into self-destruct mode out of nowhere when it rose 4.5 hours above the ground along with the land around it and then crashed down into pieces all within a space of just 2.5 hours. I wonder what caused it?

Civil engineers working on highway projects may appreciate this anomaly more than others as they may have dealt with similar stuff (though not of this magnitude). Local Public Works Department was quick enough to update all motorists in the area and sealed that section of the road with many onlookers reaching the place to catch a glimpse of the strange phenomenon. There were also a few adventurous skateboarders rushing to the place who wanted to take advantage of the bumps and cracks to make some cool moves at the dangerous site, but they were ordered to leave the area.

The affected area was over sixty meters long and the whole debacle forced a temporary closure of Vasquez Canyon Road that is located between the Lost Creek Road and the Vasquez Way. A UCLA geologist Jeremy Boyce, when contacted, couldn’t give an exact reason for such a thing to occur as there were no torrential rains or earthquakes that could have triggered it. The reason behind the occurring is still unclear. For now, we can assume that it was caused due to some heat related mechanism.

Despite the whole incident being over, the Public Works department is still looking into it because it could supposedly trigger something bigger in the region and as such that it may affect public safety. A spokesman for the department also came up with the conclusion that so far, there was no evidence that seismic activity had anything to do with the incident. What’s your theory regarding the whole matter? Let us know in the comments!

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