This Road Going Straight Through A Cliff In Bali Is Dividing Opinions On The Internet

The construction of a road leading to Bali’s Pandawa Beach has ignited a passionate online debate due to its practicality and impact on local wildlife. Pandawa Beach, known for its pristine white sand and clear waters, was already a picturesque destination in Bali.

However, it was relatively inaccessible because of the towering limestone cliffs that separated it from the rest of the island. In 2012, the creation of a road through these cliffs changed everything. The road became a popular tourist attraction and the subject of controversy.

The road transformed Pandawa Beach into a major tourist destination as soon as it opened, thanks to its unique location between vertical limestone cliffs that appealed to Instagram users seeking striking photographs.

The construction of the Pandawa Beach Road commenced in 2011 with bulldozers and excavators carving a path through the limestone landscape. It was funded by the Indonesian government and private investors and was inaugurated in 2013, quickly winning favor with both tourists and locals.

Recently, photos and videos of the road gained widespread attention on Reddit, receiving millions of views. While some are impressed by the road, others have raised concerns about its impact on local wildlife. Critics argue that the road effectively divides the habitat of numerous animals, preventing them from freely crossing. Suggestions for building animal-friendly bridges have also emerged.

“And they cut the territory of so many animals in two, with no way to cross, idiots,” one Reddit user countered.

“Need a bridge for the animals,” someone else posted. Proponents of the project counter that there are fewer animals in the area now, and the road does not pose significant problems. The debate remains ongoing, with passionate voices on both sides.

The construction of the Pandawa Beach Road in Bali has significantly transformed the once-secluded destination into a major tourist attraction. While celebrated for its picturesque surroundings and Instagram-worthy appeal, it has also sparked a heated debate over its impact on local wildlife and the need for animal-friendly solutions. The road’s proponents argue that there are fewer animals in the area, while critics express concerns about the disruption to animal habitats. This controversy continues to divide opinions and attract widespread attention online.

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