This River In Canada Can Be Switched On And Off By Engineers

An artificial river with fully programmable features that can be activated and deactivated was developed by researchers at the University of Sherbrooke in Quebec, Canada.

The project includes a 50m x 3m artificial river and a watershed measuring 90m x 40m. These are the daring efforts that Robert Leconte, a regular researcher at CentrEau, is currently leading at Sherbrooke University. These structures will serve as a testing lab where theories like water flow and the presence of contaminants will be studied.

Rainwater is supposed to be the only source of water for the pond. It is projected to hold about 3500 cubic meters of water, comparable to a Paralympic pool.

Furthermore, the river will function “in closed circuit and will sink in a floodplain of 20 meters width to know the factors linked with floods.”

More than $2 million will need to be invested in infrastructure close to Sainte-Catherine Road and the soccer field due to this project.

The structure will last for 30 years.

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