The Macallan X Urwerk Flask Is The Coolest Way For Whisky-Sipping, But Only If You Can Afford It


Swiss watches and whiskey don’t go hand in hand. But apparently, the struggle for vanity is a great binder, as evident from the recent collaboration between the elite Swiss watchmaker, Urwerk and Scottish maker of single-malt whiskey, Macallan X. The result; a characteristically elaborate and over-engineered flask by Urwerk which would make you rethink the way you drink your fine Scottish whiskey.

Pic Credits: Urwerk

Flask 2 is a crazy-expensive contraption that is a whole lot more than just a vessel for your spirits. As spotted by A Blog to Watch on Friday, the flask has a similar feel to Urwek’s watches like the UR-1001 or the UR-T8, but it also comes with a whole list of tech-savvy features.

Pic Credits: Urwerk

The vessel is made of 156 parts and has two separate titanium tanks so you can sip away at two whiskey varieties. It comes with a stainless steel mouthpiece which makes it easy to switch between the two tanks. Its cap is a connecting arm hiding 1mm “ball clickers” which click to tell you whether it is entirely open. The ball itself opens into a small hole and holds the cap open while you pour the exotic delectable.

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Pic Credits: Urwerk

The Urwek flask also boasts deployable winglets that create an easy-to-use stand for the container if you want to keep it upright on the table. And its unique cask Indicators is a wheel which displays the type of the whiskey; its age and wood-type serving as subtle reminders of the spirits you are drinking.

Pic Credits: Urwerk

Urwerk’s founding partner and chief designer Martin Frei said,

“We created a flask for people that share the same values, you know, that are as crazy as we are.”

So it is clear that the piece is reserved for the league of “crazies” who are willing to spend £1,995 ($2,447) for a whiskey flask. But if you are interested, you better hurry as the company has made just 500 pieces currently being sold on first come first serve basis!

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