This Restaurant In Arizona Encourages Patrons To Actually Lick Its Himalayan Salt Wall

A popular restaurant, The Mission, in Scottsdale, Arizona, has been a center of attention lately because it encourages visitors to literally lick a wall made of pink Himalayan salt.

Licking the walls is not really on the list of expectations you have while visiting a restaurant that is famous for its good food. The patrons of this restaurant have been doing this, however, for 17 years now!

The restaurant is in Old Town Scottsdale. The Mission has long been known for its delicious dishes and the pink salt wall built around its kitchen. According to WLBT3, the head chef was the one who brought the salt rocks in to add to the overall ambiance of the place and to give patrons a new way of enjoying their tequila shots. Suck on a lime, lick the wall, and down the shot. This was not the original idea. However, now people lick it with or without tequila.

It is natural to think it is extremely unhygienic. However, according to The Mission, Himalayan salt has self-cleaning properties so there’s little risk of catching a disease. And if that wasn’t reassuring enough, the restaurant staff also wipe the wall clean regularly.

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