This Remote Controlled Mini Bulldozer Will Make You Enjoy Yard Work

miniature bulldozer3

We boys never get old, just the size of our demands become increases as we get older. First we wanted toy cars and tractors to play and destroy each other in childhood. Then, as we grow up, we are doing the same thing. We are playing with our scaled up toys. Those of us who loved our toy construction and destruction equipment like bulldozers, trucks and rollers still love them. Since we can’t afford the lifesize versions, we have to settle with scaled down versions like Terra Mec 1 Mini Bulldozer.

TerraMec Robotic6

Don’t underestimate this beast of a machine from its size as you can easily plough your backyard or landscape small areas. The idea of a remote controlled machine is much more useful than a manually operated one in this size as otherwise it would complicate things. As expected, the product comes from Howe and Howe systems, the same ones who are helping poor Megabots in building the ultimate American robot fighter. They claim that theirs is the world’s first “robotic miniature tracked loader skid steer” that is some name for a bulldozer that it is.

miniature bulldozer3

Nevertheless, we liked the functionality and application of the product they are offering. It will genuinely offer help in clearing up your backyard and getting rid of all those illegal settlements of small animals around your yard. But you need to have good command on all the controls. If you don’t, this little monster can demolish your personal landscape designs like rockeries and benches. It can also pick up the leaves and do other bits of housekeeping once you are done with you work.

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It has a 30 horsepower power in it that is strong enough to haul rocks close to 1,000 lbs. Also, it can be used to drag fallen trees weighing up to 2,000 lbs with its incredible power. It presents an excellent overview of the area that you are going to work on as it isn’t that high. When it comes to load moving, it can easily pull more than it is required to. It has a robust rubber belted leather chassis and thus it will be able to clear any kind of obstacles and debris while making the area plain and smooth. It also comes with six different attachments for a variety of uses. It can mow your lawn, gather the leaves or break up the soil at will.

miniature bulldozer
The price tag is so far unavailable, and you can give the company your valuable feedback and how much you loved their product. I hope they start a Kickstarter campaign in the coming months!

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