This Relaxing Hammock In Grand Canyon Is Suspended 400ft Between Two Cliffs

hammock with huge drop6

You think your hammock’s fall is too much? If you fear heights or acrophobia, you might not want to see this. However, if you are an adrenaline junkie, this might give you a new idea for your next adventure.

Andy Lewis is well-known in Football fans with his eye-catching display in the 46 SuperBowl half-time show. His jumps, splits and flips entertained the crowd to the fullest. He did this incredible performance like he was born to do this kind of stuff and guess what? It was just a stroll in the park for him as we tell you what he does for true enjoyment. Somewhere far-off in the Grand Canyon he has constructed a hammock 400 feet across two cliffs where he and his other daredevil mates lie down to relax. But, to get there, they have to walk single rope for a hundred feet and get there in one piece! Furthermore, the drop is “just” a few thousand feet!

hammock with huge drop7

hammock with huge drop5 hammock with huge drop4 hammock with huge drop3


hammock with huge drop

The zip line appears to be the largest hand-knitted hammock ever built, and it is an unlikely socializing place for these brave men and women. They also have a hole in the center from where they can make a para drop whenever they feel like┬ádoing it. This is just beyond crazy for many of us. They aren’t even wearing harnesses! I also have serious qualms on how this massive structure was actually built as it is 400 feet across towards another cliff. It is composed of over 14,000 feet of rope!

This video will shed more light on this amazing hammock:

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