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This Realistic 3D Painting Technique Tricks Your Mind Big Time


There are many ways of tricking your mind into believing something that doesn’t exist. These optical illusions are a rare treat for the eyes as they are puzzling for the mind. This Japanese deep art writer was on one of his lowest points in life when he found interest in the beauty of goldfish. While playing “goldfish scooping”, an ancient Japanese game that involves snatching the beautiful fish with the help of a unique device, he looked at it in a new light. Soon afterwards, he got to work and produced one of the stunning pieces of art I have ever seen.

Within two years, he had perfected his art. He would draw an intricate painting of a goldfish that seems a little out of focus and then he poured resin on it. The effect was immediate, and jaw dropping as Riusuke Fukahori seemed to be giving life with the touch of his hand. The goldfish appear amazingly real down to the bubbles originating from their swimming.

Here is the video of this incredible feat. Best 3-D art I have ever seen for sure!