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CV Of Failures Of This Princeton Psychology Professor Goes Viral

From online resume writing guides to the CV and cover letter writing courses, the art of drafting a well-crafted resume is coveted all around the world.

However, even the most naive students know the one thing that you must absolutely refrain from while writing your CV, listing your failures. As it happens, the Psychology professor at the Princeton University composed his CV of Failures.


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The CV of Failures enlists all the scholarships and the positions that the teacher failed to secure. The Professor hopes that the CV will inspire his students as well as the online audience to own their failures in life.

Johannes Haushofer, the Professor for Psychology, certainly did not leave anything out and listed each academic rejection, declined scholarship and job refusal in his CV. The CV immediately went viral and now the scientists have come up with an explanation for why the failures of the esteemed professor sparked much more interest than his accomplishments.


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The fact remains that we usually isolate our failures, and those of our acquaintances’, from the people in our professional circle. The Professor build his idea of the CV of Failures on the basis of a study conducted by the University of Edinburgh encouraging the general public to treat failure as a part of life rather than being ashamed of it.