This Real-life Transformer Robot Might Be The Coolest Toy Ever Made

Your mind must be crowded with scenes, in which transformers are on the battlefield. Or maybe, you’re preparing yourself to meet this one, next time you leave your house. The movie transformer seems to inspire many. Fiction is a new reality now! And engineers globally are working to create robot vehicles and toys so they can amaze the world. Sorry, for airing up your dream bubble but the war idea, still needs some time. For now, let’s talk about the coolest robot toy, a real-life transformer.

Yeah, you heard it all right. Robosen T9 from Las Vegas is the coolest transformer toy ever made, that can change modes between a car and a robot. The fascinating fact about it is, that you just need to give your command ‘transform’, pretty much like a spell from Harry Potter and it will transfer from car to robot on mere voice command, cool! Now all fans of transformer can entertain their fictional desires in real life, folks this isn’t it, this genuine piece of creativity is 3.2-pound robot who can do multifunctional task, he can walk, pose ‘like a model’, drive, he can do push-ups for you too, such a health-conscious robot, right? Additionally, it is equipped with 22 programmable servo motors.  This robot will blow your imagination as you can program gestures with popular kid-friendly Scratch programming with different interfaces on your phone or iPad and control it just by touch.

This elite robot toy entertains his audience by quickly transforming into a car, he is a hero for all the transformer loving kids. He has overcome the barrier of fiction and reality, proving that science is beyond limits.

Wait wait, don’t rush to the nearest gadgets store now. Right now, you must start cutting down your expenditures and start saving your pocket money. Because presently, to buy this extraordinary toy, you have to pay a sky-high price of $500, as mentioned on Amazon. The company considers it to be worth the cost. According to Vjeran, this prize is off the sky as this super cool robot looks like a plastic man. Moreover, if you intend to spy with it, it has no cameras for your mission. And yeah don’t keep your expectations too high. When in drive mode, it doesn’t exactly drive like a real car, rather it has to bend its body to manage the shallow turns. But if you’re looking for a humanoid robot partner, this one is made for you.

Though it doesn’t look like a real turbo car, the company tried to give their best design, to present a transformable Optimus Prime semi. Wondering, what more to expect from human minds? How much science is evolving and fascinating the world by making impossible then, possible now. What is next on the clock? Stay tuned, as there are no limits to the multi-dimensions man looks at and explores today.

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