This Raspberry Pi System Can Detect Viruses Without Using Software


Over the years, a lot of work has been done to detect different types of computer viruses using different techniques. As viruses are quite common these days, it seems an essential task for computer scientists and researchers to look for suitable methods for the detection of viruses.

Similarly, contributions were made by the crew of researchers at the Institute of Computer Science and Random Systems who have constructed an efficient virus detection system without using any software. For this purpose, they utilized a Raspberry Pi, an H-field probe, and an oscilloscope. They worked on the same using electromagnetic waves to detect the viruses and then described their system on ACM’s Research Article web page by publishing a paper. The published paper involves all of the procedures adopted by them.

An H-field probe

The usage of the electromagnetic waves from the operating system was observed. Each bit of the underlying software generates its own electromagnetic wave patterns because of the particular method of code execution of that software. This particular wave data was actually used by the researchers and they started utilizing an H-field probe to capture the wave patterns of identified viruses, on different devices. Their outcomes were then seen on an oscilloscope.

Patterns on an oscilloscope were observed that have been distinctive to particular viruses. Such distinctive information was actually used by the researchers to program the Raspberry Pi in order to detect computer viruses. Such a system was utilized as a virus detector. In order to decide upon whether the virus has been operating on a computer or a smartphone, an H-field probe was located in such a way to learn the electromagnetic waves which might be generated.

Such testing has found the system successful to detect the viruses by 99.82% of generic malware along with the benign virus sort. The essential factor of the system is that the device must not be having any software installed for this detection, as it is finished utilizing the exterior system only. This system can be used for giant servers and functions and it is not prone to obscure strategies developed by the virus builders to conceal its presence.


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