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This Rapper Says That He Is Buying A Planet

Recent developments regarding space and space tourism have created a buzz around the topic. Spacecrafts have been engineered now that can take people to space and back. The recent suborbital journey of Jeff Bezos to space has further enhanced the excitement and amazement of people when it comes to space travel. The trips are now made commercially available, and people are registering to be the next person on the spacecraft. Among all this, a race or a competition has started to access space.

A rapper, Lil Uzi Vert, has announced that he will soon be buying a planet. The planet he aims to buy is basically an exoplanet, WASP-127b. There have been no purchases like this before in history and if it happens, it is going to be a unique one.

This is the same rapper who spent 24 million dollars to fix a diamond in his head and got together with Grimes to get a microchip inserted in his brain so he can achieve the next level of power and knowledge in his brain from the great beyond. However, it is revealed that space or its components are not for sale, and it is quite possible that he is just making sandcastles in the air.

The celebrity tweeted that he is working on it to get the planet named in his ownership. He said that the documentation is still under process. Now, it is not known what kind of documents are required for such an ownership claim. In fact, it is not even discerned who owns the space, and who has the right to sell it to people like this. It is speculated that it is the same as naming stars after people by buying the star.

Unfortunately, the bubble is burst quite directly by University of Nebraska-Lincoln space law professor Frans Von der Dunk and Ram Jhaku, the director of McGill’s Institute of Air and Space Law, saying that it is a scam.

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