This Company Just Revealed The Test Version Of An Actual Tourist-Carrying Space Capsule

A company called Space Perspective, located in Florida, is fearlessly entering the world of space tourism with its unique method – employing a gigantic balloon filled with hydrogen to transport tourists to the outskirts of outer space. The most recent progress achieved by this company involves successfully constructing a prototype of their Neptune capsule, representing a noteworthy advancement towards transforming space tourism into an actuality.

Last year, Space Perspective made a bold announcement about their grand scheme to provide extraordinary six-hour trips to the brink of space, soaring up to an incredible height of 100,000 feet. To accomplish this feat, they designed the Spaceship Neptune, an enclosed capsule decked with pressurization. This futuristic vessel would be suspended beneath a massive SpaceBalloon, brimming with hydrogen, stretching out as long as a football stadium. The entire expedition would be divided into three distinct phases: two hours of ascending towards the heavens, followed by two hours of awe-inspiring sightseeing, and concluding with two hours of descending back to Earth’s embrace. This remarkable adventure pledges an unparalleled encounter where passengers have the privilege to witness the majestic curvature of our planet and the expanse of celestial realms beyond.

The Neptune capsule boasts a number of luxurious features, including 360-degree panoramic views, soft chairs, a bar with beverages, Wi-Fi for live streaming, and even a below-deck bathroom. Not surprisingly, tickets are selling for a cool $125,000 apiece in advance, given the prospect of such an incredible journey.

The recently completed test model of the Neptune is a highly instrumented representation of what the company envisions for its commercially operational version. While lacking the lavish interior lounge, this model will undergo multiple test flights, with the first few being uncrewed and crewed flights scheduled for the near future.

Space Perspective is not just focused on the capsule; it is also on the brink of completing the Marine Spaceport Voyager, a dedicated launch ship that will deploy the balloon and retrieve the capsule after splashdown in the ocean upon return. The company’s founder and co-CEO, Taber MacCallum, expressed immense motivation and excitement, emphasizing the significance of reaching this milestone in the development of Spaceship Neptune.

As Space Perspective inches closer to turning its space tourism vision into reality, the successful completion of the test model signals a promising future for those eager to embark on a celestial journey beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.

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