This Quick Charger Can Charge 5 Hours Of Phone Battery In Just 5 Minutes


We have covered so many tips and tricks to increase your battery life and charge your phone quickly. But the fact remains, our increasingly shortening phone battery lives are a real headache. And sure, the fast charging technology has been somewhat trying to stuff in some charge in a short time; this method has also not been entirely successful as the quick charging also seems to dissipate very quickly, defeating the purpose.

In this seemingly gaping vacuum, the Android chip giant Qualcomm has made a fascinating announcement. They have announced a major upgrade to its quick charge technology, and claim that their new Quick Charge 4.0, introduced for the likes of Samsung, HTC, LG, and OnePlus, will be able to charge a phone worth 5 hours of battery life after just 5 minutes of charging. This means that it can roughly fill up the battery up to 50-percent in just under 15 minutes.

Pic Credits: qualcomm
Pic Credits: qualcomm
The company aims to bring the Quick Charge 4 courtesy their Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chip, which will be launched next year. The previous version called the Quick Charge 3.0, was already impressive in that it could charge your phone up to 80-percent in just 35 minutes. The Quick Charge 4.0 will be nearly 20-percent faster than any the previous versions, and will be tested will devices like the LG V20, HTC 10, and Asus ZenFone 3 Deluxe.

The technology could also be a response to the recommendations made by Google in a bid to tackle the curious case of exploding Samsung phones and Chrome OS laptops. In its recommendation, Google forbid users to use Qualcomm’s Quick Charge tech, and insisted on all phone manufacturers to be USB-PD compliant, which is directed to make USB-charged devices more safe to charge and avoid issues such as fiery Samsung phones and Chrome OS laptops.

Pic Credits: qualcomm
Pic Credits: qualcomm

But Quick Charge 4.0, while being incredibly powerful, is also fully compliant with Google’s recommendation, meaning it is expected to be available in almost every flagship Android phone come 2017.

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