This Powerful Ad By Tesla About Our Electric Future Will Give You Chills

Tesla independent video

Woah! This is such a powerful video from independent producers The Freise Brothers. They are famous for their out-of-the-box commercials and short films. They have taken it to a whole new level with this endorsement of the Nikola Tesla’s vision that Tesla Motors and Elon Musk have taken upon themselves. The idea is to get rid of the inefficient, stone-age process of burning fuels for energy purposes and go electric. Although, many people have raised doubts about the Tesla’s ability to challenge this Goliath of all industries, It needs to focus on its task as it is more than about making money. It is about the world and how its survival depends on the electric car technology and renewable energy.

The 1-minute 18-second video starts with the voice of Nikola Tesla himself stressing the fact that the destiny of mankind is to go electric at the end. The scientific electrical engineering as he says, can drive all kinds of machinery instead of coal, oil or gas. As he says these words, we are presented with an amazing Mad Max Fury style wasteland setting in which giant oil rigs and factories are at work spewing emissions into the atmosphere. A new Tesla Model S is zooming across the barren wasteland where deranged people are still carrying oil around their shoulders and turning around to face the new hope for mankind. As Tesla’s eerie voice thunders and reminds us to rekindle our intelligence by seeing the future for ourselves!

Here is the video and be prepared for serious goosebumps:

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