This Power Mole Can Transmit Electricity Through Window Glass Without Any Wires

What if I told you that there is a way to power your outdoor devices, such as security cameras or decorative lights, from an indoor outlet without installing expensive systems and wiring? Well, it’s true, and all thanks to the remarkable Power Mole that turned this vision into reality. With no wires, The Power Mole can deliver 10 watts of electricity through window glass, making it a handy option in cases where no outdoor outlets are within easy reach.

The Power Mole is an innovation by Peter Bevelacqua of California, and it employs an inductive coupling system that is typically utilized in wirelessly charging smartphones. The arrangement of the apparatus involves two circular disks, namely the transmitter and the receiver, with the former affixed to a window pane from the inside and the latter on its outside. The transmitter is powered by a socket inside the house, whereas the outdoor device can connect to a hardwired USB from a receiver on the exterior wall.

An induction coil in the transmitter conducts an alternating electric current, which causes a fluctuating magnetic field to be produced. The induction coil of the receiver experiences an alternating electric current as a result of this magnetic field passing through the window glass. This AC current is subsequently converted to DC via an integrated rectifier, powering the attached device.

While the Power Mole is currently limited to devices that use a USB or 5-volt input, such as cameras or lights, it offers a practical and energy-efficient solution for outdoor power needs. The system is designed to automatically shut off if the connection between the transmitter and receiver is interrupted, ensuring energy conservation.

The Power Mole is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, with a pledge of US$59 offering a package including the transmitter, receiver, and 3M adhesive pads for installation. Although initially limited to US customers, international availability is expected to follow. With its innovative technology and practical applications, the Power Mole represents a significant step forward in wireless power transmission technology.

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