This Portable Solar Power Plant Can Provide Electricity Anywhere

Ecos solar container2

Many remote areas of the world have poor availability and reliability of electricity. The line losses and low consumption stats mean that the governments are less inclined to invest in the power sector in those areas. One way to remove the need for expensive electricity transmission system are portable electricity generators. The renewable ones are most popular since they don’t require a constant supply of fuel to keep the power going. Keeping it in mind, Ecosphere Technologies has come up with the largest portable solar-powered container to help jumpstart the economy of the far-fledged areas.

Ecos solar container

The unit was specially designed so that it can transport and deploy via containers. Energy is stored in batteries onboard the containers. It is not only available in max size as 10 feet, and 20 feet versions are also available in addition to the mammoth 40 feet one we are talking about right now. Once it has reached its destination, the arrays of solar panels unfold from the container and increase the footprint by three times and electricity generation by four times if the covered area of container was to be used only. 15 KW power can immediately be started, and more than 20 homes can benefit from this.

Ecos solar container3

Since power is not the primary problem of these places, it has other systems included on the inside. It has communication systems to develop a much-needed contact with the rest of the country and a water filtration, treatment and distribution system that can be used to provide clean water to many homes. The container can also provide internet connectivity for the next 30 miles with its satellite communication. It can be particularly ideal for constructing a remote hospital as it can provide clean water, electricity and even some room for storage. Places hit by typhoons, floods, earthquakes and heat waves can benefit from it immensely. If the weather turns nasty on the rescuing party itself, the container can be wrapped in a few minutes along with the personnel inside!

Ecos solar container4

It is an excellent way to provide water, communication and electricity to far-flung areas. It can be used for making events possible at remote locations too! See the video below:


  1. M@ark Reply

    The big problem with this is how fragile the final product is after it’s set up. I see utterly no advantage for this system. Why not, oh I dunno, just transport PV panels in a truck, set them up in a sturdy configuration and call it a day; cheap, easy and low tech.

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