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This Plastic Zipper Bag Is The World’s Simplest Washing Machine

Meet this cute little plastic zipper bag, probably one of its kind, and has been regarded as the world’s simplest portable washing machine. Yes, you heard it right! Now, you don’t need to worry about your dirty clothes if you are out on a vacation or staying in a hospital, this portable plastic zipper bag could be a cure for a dilemma. The pioneering mind behind creating this incredible and brand-new technique to wash your clothes in a matter of minutes is a Japanese company named Kao. The laundry bag christened “Attack Zero laundry bag” offers you the simplest method to do your laundry. Literally, anywhere, at any time!

The laundry bag comes with a capacity of about 5 liters, and the method for doing laundry is surprisingly simple. You just have to put your dirty clothes inside the bag by opening the zip and adding a little amount of detergent, just like you do in your house. However, it is to be noted that when you buy this zipper bag, the detergent comes along with it. So, you don’t even have to worry about buying a detergent separately. After adding the detergent, put some water in it and close the zipper. Now, the Attack Zero bag is ready for the washing process.

To start the process, you need to shake the bag well in order to mix the detergent and water with the clothes. After that, you have to rub the bag with your hands slowly to remove any dirt or dust particles. It’s the same process as you do in your home while washing the clothes by hand. To that end, when you have finally confirmed that the clothes are soaked up and have released the dirty water, then gently open the valve that is housed on the side bottom of the bag and remove this dirty water.

After releasing this dirty water, add some fresh water to the bag again and start repeating the process up to as many times as you like. When you become satisfied that your clothes are cleaned, open the zipper and take the clothes back after removing the water. However, the plastic bag could also prove very useful in the event of any natural disaster when you do not have access to adequate resources to do the laundry. “The device is good for up to 10 rounds of laundry”, as per the opinions shared by people who have used this bag. And this is definitely not bad according to the size of the bag.

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